chris…Christina, gazing in the direction of the shelf where she placed her angel. Christopher also looks over there and in that moment he gets the impression that Chrisangelo is starting to sparkle – like when he saw him that afternoon at the stand.

“Do you see that?!” he cries out at his sister.

“Yes. How did you do that?” exclaims Christina amazed.

“I didn’t do anything.”

Christina sits up to reach the shelf and takes Chrisangelo into her hands. He’s glittering even more than he had been a moment before. Then he moves. Startled, Christina drops him, but Chrisangelo is already flapping his wings and rising up above the two little beds, each movement drenching the whole room with golden-light. He grabs Christopher and Christina by the hand and they both feel a tingling sensation from the growth of delicate angel wings sprouting on their backs. Within a few seconds they turn into little angels who begin to follow their guide. They fly out of the open window and head up towards the sky. They both flap their wings as if they’d been born with them and delight in their first flight…

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